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The NWA Move Crew is your most trusted owner operated local resource for all of your moving needs. We are equipped to move anything and everything. Whether you are moving just down the street, across town or out of state, we have the best team. You can expect the most reliable and timely service from us. The NWA Move Crew is only a call or a click away from making your move hassle-free.

We currently serve all areas of Northwest Arkansas and surrounding states. Give us a call to book today!

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Having the proper equipment, insurance, and professional workers are important to us at NWA Move Crew. We strive to give you a good deal on your move and we back that with hard work, so that you will want to tell your friends and family about the wonderful moving experience you had with us.

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Moving soon? Here are some tips!

Fragile and valuable items

  • Prior to moving day make a plan for those items you plan to discard or donate.

  • Always move jewelry and cash yourself. Also, don’t forget a bag that can satisfy your immediate needs during the move: clothes, toiletries, phone, keys, important papers.

  • When packing fragile items, there is never too much bubble wrap or newspaper. It is better to be over cautious. Linens and towels can also provide extra protection to fragile items.

Packing tips

  • Start by assessing how much packing materials you will need for your move; be sure to tape your boxes on both the top and bottom.

  • Group your items into “like” categories. It is easier when unpacking.

  • Clearly label all your boxes and bins based on the content inside. Be sure to label is something is fragile! You can color code your boxes by room if needed using colored tape and stickers.


  • Don’t forget about your fridge and it’s perishables. Keep coolers handy for when the freezer and fridge need to be emptied on moving day.

  • Keep somethings out for cleaning after the move. It is a smart idea to gather all cleaning supplies under the sink so it can be one of the last things loaded and not misplaced.

  • As far as electronics and appliances – be sure to disconnect all before your movers come.

  • If you live in an apartment or house with minimal parking be sure to save space for the moving van. Speak with your landlord or complex about blocking a parking spot off or do so yourself with your car overnight.

About us

The NWA Move Crew started in January of 2018 because of the growing need for more professional movers in the area. In addition to the demand for these services, many “movers” in our area are giving our industry a bad name.

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